Gilsonite Sealer/Binder Emulsion

GSB-88® is ASI’s flagship product. This gilsonite-based, environmentally-friendly and versatile emulsion enhances, seals, and extends the life of asphalt at a low cost per square yard. Formulated in 1988, it is applied on pavements ranging from high-speed state highways to parking lots, city streets, county roads, and more than 500 military & civil airport runways – from Alaska to Florida and Maine to California. Gilsonite is a unique, naturally-occurring asphalt ore found in Utah that lasts longer and requires less refining than traditional petroleum oils.

GSB-88® is the only product in the asphalt industry to undergo rigorous independent third-party environmental testing. After an intensive 2011 Life Cycle Assessment by the Institute for Environmental Research & Education (IERE), GSB-88® earned an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) attesting to the significant enviromental benefits of its use in preserving pavement. GSB-88® has also been honored with a GreenCircle®/LEED Certification, recognizing that one application every five years can significantly extend the life of asphalt and help reduce global warming, acidification and eutrophication by nearly 50% when compared to reconstruction.

Two primary causes of asphalt deterioration are surface oxidation and moisture damage. GSB-88® is designed to mitigate these impacts by reintroducing essential binders to the pavement matrix, enhancing the structure and adding years of life, while simultaneously sealing the surface to help repel water. The binders also prevent or cure surface raveling, which produces foreign object debris (FOD) that can damage or destroy jet engines.

The average treatment cycle for GSB-88® is five years. Based on nearly three decades of projects, studies, and a years-long official military assessment by the Department of the Navy, when applied regularly GSB-88® can extend the lifecycle of pavements almost indefinitely while producing a Savings-to-Investment Ratio (SIR) of 5.0, and a Return-on-Investment (ROI) of 400%. As the Navy Department assessment concluded, one dollar spent on application of GSB-88® in a preventive maintenance program can save five dollars of expense to correct a deteriorated pavement.


Gilsonite is a natural form of asphalt found in the Uintah Basin. Because gilsonite does not undergo the oil refining process, it is naturally better for the environment, extending the life of pavement with its unique chemistry.


GSB-88® is easily applied using standard asphalt distributors and spray equipment. It cures in just a few hours, and is odorless, non-toxic, and non-carcinogenic, so you can preserve your investment and get back to business quickly.


By using GSB-88® your project will show great concern for our environment. Reapplication of GSB-88® approximately every five years can double the life of pavement, in turn reducing the environmental impacts by eliminating the need to resurface. The environmental impacts may be reduced by:

  • Global Warming 49% Potential Reduction
  • Acidification 49% Potential Reduction
  • Eutophication 49% Potential Reduction
  • Ecotoxicity 46% Potential Reduction
  • Smog 49% Potential Reduction

With regular use of GSB-88®, the life of roads, airfields, and parking lots can be doubled. By reducing the need to replace the asphalt as often, billions of dollars and thousands of tons of environmental resources are saved each year. (add link to DOD summary and full DOD report)


Earthsure is an environmental product declaration program, the first in the Americas, and the only one provided by an environmental non-profit. An environmental product declaration is like a nutrition label for the environment. It discloses key environmental impacts of a product based on the science of life cycle assessment.GSB-88® is an emulsified, gilsonite-enhanced, pavement sealer and rejuvenator. GSB-88® is one of the most environmentally sound pavement preservation products on the market. It has a 22 year history of performance that has been well-documented by its continued and ever-expanding use nationwide. It has been thoroughly used and tested by groups such as the FAA, the United States Navy, and the Army Corp. of Engineers. The product has been used extensively in both early stage pavement preservation, as

well as reactive late stage applications for badly raveled and deteriorated pavements. It has been successfully used as a construction seal for new pavements, to mend construction related problems, and it is the ideal product to fend off the aging process that starts immediately after construction is completed. GSB-88® is the best of both worlds. It offers both the introduction and reintroduction of light fractions, as well as the superior binding, coating, and protection that only GSB products can offer.